Setting up Cron Jobs

You can setup cron jobs within your Cpanel to do daily, monthly, and yearly task for scripts and programs within your website. For this tutorial/guide it will be aimed more towards setting up a daily check up for WHMCS.

Once you are logged into your Cpanel, scroll down to the 'Advanced' category and click on the icon that says 'cron jobs'.

On the next page you will see a short description of what and how a cron job works. Below that you will see two options for "experience level". If you have never worked with cron jobs before, then I would highly suggest picking the 'standard' version.

On this page you will notice menus with minutes, hours, months, days, etc. For example, WHMCS will give you the command line for which you will need to put in the above field called "command to run" and then it tells you to set up a cron for once everyday. The picture below will show you this. Also be sure to define an email address in the above right corner field. Once you have setup your cron job, you will get emails whenever the cron job has run. Also don't worry, you can make as many as you need to by going to the same page and seeing another menu list below the ones you have already made.

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